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Wool- The Luxurious Choice

There’s many reasons wool carpets are such a popular choice. Wool is the most durable natural fiber. The natural waxy oil called lanolin that comes from sheep makes the fibers stronger and dirt resistant. They feel nice, and are extremely comfortable. Wool carpets look good, have excellent elasticity, and if maintained properly, will keep their color and good looks for decades. Its ability to look good for decades helps to offset its initial cost.

Wool is eco-friendly. It’s non-allergenic and inhibits the growth of bacteria. It has a greener manufacturing process and uses less energy to make compared to synthetic carpeting. Wool is a very good insulator so will help to reduce your energy bill. It is a natural product and has the ability to biodegrade in a short period of time compared to synthetic materials .

Wool carpets are dirt and soil resistant. Its natural oils, and structure keep dust and dirt from penetrating into the carpet. The soil and dirt will stay on the surface for easier clean up. Regular vacuuming will keep your wool carpet clean and beautiful. Use a vacuum cleaner with an adjustable beater bar. You want to be able to raise the beater bar so that it is barely touching the carpet. If the beater bar is too low it will pull and damage your carpet fibers.

Wool is the natural fiber that the synthetics love to emulate. You will never regret investing in a wool carpet for your home. It’s visibly luxurious, a renewable resource, easy to keep clean, and will last for decades.

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