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Sisal - The Natural Choice

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Sisal rugs are extremely durable, and can be a beautiful addition to your home. They have earthy colors, and interesting textures which make them a timeless choice. Sisal is one of the strongest natural fibers available. It's made from the long leaves of the agave plant, resulting in a very strong fiber. Natural fiber carpets are seeing a rise in popularity recently. With concerns about sustainability growing, using renewable materials will give you the greenest flooring option there is. Sisal is also non-toxic and good for people with asthma or allergies.

Sisal is very easy to take care of. Dirt isn't able to cling to sisal, instead the dirt will sit loosely on the weave and can be easily picked up with a vacuum. Regular vacuuming is all you need to clean your sisal rug and increase it's life. Make sure you do not use the beater bar when vacuuming. The friction can damage the natural fibers, and may also flatten your rug. Sisal is not waterproof. You definitely would not want to put a sisal rug in your kitchen or bathroom. Because it is so absorbent, sisal cannot be shampooed or steam-cleaned.

Sisal rugs are the perfect foundation for any room. They are extremely neutral and will compliment most styles. They are wonderful for layering and adding extra durability. Sisal rugs are great when you want to add some neutral style without overpowering your room. For a timeless look, add a beautiful sisal rug to your space.

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