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The Stairs Have It

We have customers coming in daily interested in stair runners. Let's take a step-by-step look at why stair runners are a great idea (sorry, I couldn't resist such an easy pun!). First, what is a stair runner? Stair runners are carpet that is installed along the center of the stairway. It covers the center part of each step, leaving the edges exposed. They are typically installed over hardwood.

There are two styles of installation for stair runners: Waterfall and Hollywood. The Waterfall style runner flows over the stairs and is tacked down at the base of each step. The Hollywood style runner is tacked down around the tread and fits close to the risers. The installation decision usually depends on the construction of your stairs and the carpet you choose. For example, if there's large molding under the nose of your tread, you use Waterfall so the carpet flows gracefully over that edge. If there isn't molding, you use Hollywood for a more tight-fitting look.

Here's my top 8 reasons why you should have a stair runner:

  1. Safety- wood stairs can be slippery. It's dangerous for anyone wearing just socks to be running up and down the stairs.

  2. Protection- your beautiful hardwood floors are an investment. Stairs get a lot of wear and tear and a carpet runner will protect the finish and prevent scratches.

  3. They are extremely helpful for people with mobility issues.

  4. For the dogs. Isn't everything we do for our dogs?! Stair runners help our dogs easily get up and down the stairs, especially our older and/or smaller dogs.

  5. Comfort- the rug (and pad underneath it) makes it much softer underfoot.

  6. Noise Absorption- they eliminate noise when someone is walking up and down the steps.

  7. Create Character- add some unexpected personality. Stair runners reflect your style whether you want a pattern, stripe, or more subtle look. They create a beautiful focal point in your home.

  8. Stair runners instantly make your house feel like a home!

Here at 7 West Carpet Company we believe choosing a stair runner is an excellent choice! We recommend a nylon or wool as they are the most durable and long lasting. Stop by our showroom to shop the largest selection in the Mainline.

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